Monday, May 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin owes marriage counselor $10000

Kate Gosselin has been told to pay more than $10,000 to a marriage counselor!
The reality TV star must fork over the sum to a local therapist in a dispute over counseling.
Although Kate’s marriage to ex-hubby Jon imploded in front of the world, Sylvia Lafair contended in court that she flew to Los Angeles in March 2009  to counsel her and Jon while the pair starred in Bravo series Jon & Kate Plus 8.
Lafair had sued in 2010 after Kate didn’t pay for the services or travel.
Kate took the stand last week testifying she never had a contract with Lafair, who runs Creative Energy Options in White Haven, Pa which is 50 miles away from Kate’s home.
Magisterial District Judge Gerald Feissner ruled May 13 that Gosselin must now pay Lafair’s company about $10,300 for services rendered.
Kate’s attorney said he has filed an appeal to contest the ruling.

Post Title Kate Gosselin owes marriage counselor $10000

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