Khloe Kardashian never wanted to Date a sportsman

Khloe Kardashian never thought she would date a basketball player.
The reality TV personality is married to LA Lakers star Lamar Odom and she admits she always expected sportsmen to be cheaters, but has now realized her perception is wrong.
“Before Lamar, I would have said, ‘Ew, there’s no way I’d date a basketball player’,” Khloe said.
“I stereotyped them I thought basketball players have ample opportunities with girls, are always traveling and don’t have time for a girlfriend.
“But their bad reputation is silly, Lamar and I spend loads of time together. I think it depends on the man. You could be a secretary and a cheater it’s not the career, it’s the person.”
Khloe and Lamar currently star in their own self-titled TV series and she says her husband is now as comfortable in front of the cameras as she always has been.
“Having cameras follow me around is like second nature and I’m really used to it now,” she said.
“Lamar didn’t know what to expect when we first started but now he’s a pro.
“I met Lamar’s dad for the first time on camera, which wasn’t planned. I was kind of uncomfortable about it because it was such a personal thing, but that’s just reality TV for you.”

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