Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oprah Winfrey feels dead

Oprah Winfrey got freaked out as she approached her farewell show on May 25 because she kept hearing staffers talk about her like she’s dead!
“I feel like I’m attending my own wake,” she told one assistant, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.
“It’s like they want one last look at the body!
“It’s the show that’s ending…not my life. So knock it off!
“It’s creeping me out.”
Meanwhile, Oprah is reportedly ditching her longtime BFF Gayle King when she moves to California.
Insiders say Oprah will take longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham with her when she leaves Chicago.
Oprah told Gayle that Stemdan and not her would be mov­ing into the talk-show queen’s sprawling es­tate in Montecito and another residence in Los Angeles near the stu­dios of her Oprah Winfrey Network.
“Gayle flipped and yelled, ‘What about me?! You’ve got to choose it’s Stedman or me!’ Oprah coolly shrugged her shoulders and told Gayle to deal with it. Then she walked away,” a source said.
“Gayle is devastated that Oprah has dumped her in favor of Stedman.
“With Oprah and Gayle, Stedman was always the one who felt like the third wheel. Now there’s been a role reversal.
“Stedman has patiently stood by Oprah he’s her rock. With her professional life in transition, Oprah feels she needs Stedman more than ever.
“Gayle feels abandoned. She never thought this day would come.
“But now the love triangle has exploded. Stedman holds the upper hand in his rivalry with Gayle.
“Oprah has stabbed a knife through her heart.”

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