Rob Lowe secure with career

Rob Lowe is secure with his career.
The West Wing and Brothers & Sisters actor insists he isn’t worried about work drying up.
He also admitted he doesn’t care about negative reviews anymore.
“I really can’t imagine that. There have been times in my life when I wasn’t sure I was still going to have a career, but all these years on, happily I don’t feel like that’s much of an issue,” Rob replied when asked if he was scared his success would come to an end.
“I used to think if you read the good reviews, you had to read the bad reviews too. Now I just read the good ones I’ve had enough character building in my life. I can be honest now, because I don’t give a flying f**k. What are they going to do, vote me out of show business?”
“I’ve never understood the idea that actors must be brilliant liars. Real acting is exactly the opposite we should be really bad at it,” he added.
“We are paid to bring truth to what is inherently fake. I mean, what experience do I have with, like, fighting aliens that are taking over the planet?”

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