Blind gossip!

1) “Backstage at a daily television talk show, this very nervous celebrity was sweating the following last-minute briefing from her publicist in front of another guest. “Remember: prim and proper! Don’t show any cleavage! Sit up straight! Keep your hands folded in front of you and your legs firmly crossed. Look confident and smile the whole time, even if it hurts! Talk about your husband and kid/s and famous family whenever possible. We can’t control their questions, so if they bring up the subject of you-know-who, just stick to the script and you’ll be fine. Whatever you do: Don’t. F*cking. Cry!”” [Blind Gossip]

2) “Which TV star’s wife is seriously hampering his ability to work because her dr*g habit is so bad that he can’t leave her alone for even short periods of time to film?” [New York Post]

3) “We just found out that this recent celebrity marriage happened originally because of a lost bet. The couple, who were dating, were dr*nk one night and were playing cards. The male made a bet that if he won, the two would marry. Looks like he’s good at Phase 10 because they ended up tying the knot!” [Buzz Foto]

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