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Jennifer Aniston - Marley & Me Bringing her back

Jennifer Aniston back... Even by dog film standards, Marley & Me has committed sins that are unforgivable. It adapted the sappiest memoir not written by Mitch Albom, exploited the holiday movie crowd for $37 million in box office returns and extended Owen Wilson's stay in family comedy purgatory.

The nation owes Marley & Me a debt of gratitude. Though it patronized the American public and did irreparable damage to film in general, Marley and Me achieved what marginally better films including Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Rumor Has It, Derailed, The Break Up and Friends With Money could not: The return of Jennifer Aniston.


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Jennifer Aniston - GQ cover got photoshopped

Jennifer Aniston admited the real reason why Aniston looked soo h0t on the GQ c0ver on “The View” this week.

"What happened to the girl next door from "Friends?" Barbara Walters asked, holding up the January issue, in which Jenn appears seated, smiling, w/ Aniston' legs crossed, w/ nuttin' but a tie around her neck.

Jennifer Aniston replied. "She's there! Photoshopped!"

Splained Aniston "There was a story behind this," "This had a whole concept. It was going to be in various stages of undress. There was going to be me in a gown and men in tuxedos. And then it would be me wearing the man's shirt. And he would have no shirt on. And then they were supposed to get n_ked! Somehow, I don't know what happened!"

Joy Behar wanted to know if Jennifer Aniston had been tricked, like oh, maybe, Miley Cyrus.

Jenn Aniston said, laughing. "They got me bombed!"

Aniston was probably kidding.


Jennifer Aniston in "Marley & Me" - Work With Dogs

"Marley & Me" Co-stars Jennifer Aniston says about the joys and challenges of working with dogs.

Jennifer Aniston say that Having her own dogs helped only because she wasn’t afraid of dogs. But, honestly, she was so easy to work with. she would say the younger Marleys were tougher. To hit their mark, it was a little bit more challenging for the trainers. They had a ball. They never had a hard time.

Aniston added that The difficult scene where they were taking him (dog) to get neutered. That was definitely a challenging scene in the car ‘cause we also had Matilda, the trainer, in the back seat, who was fantastic. It was just a lot of action for the dog.

Jennifer didn’t adopt a dog. She has an adopted dog. Both of her dogs are adopted, but that was years ago. She almost adopted the dog that’s in the poster.

Jennifer Aniston want to do this role, playing a wife and mother, She has been pregnant in so many movies, it’s ridiculous.

The reason Jennifer Aniston wanted to be in this …

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer as a couple?

Jennifer aniston and John Mayer, What's the potential?
Do you think he is using her for her celebrity status?

I don't seem Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer hitting it off. I used to like John Meyer, but then I heard that the reason he ditched Jessica Simpson was because he thought she wasn't skinny enough (but u know how the media can lie) but anyway after that, I thought he was just a jerk.

It's publicity. Jennifer Aniston does't want to promote her movie being single. We're suppose to believe that since Aniston's "with" John Mayer, Aniston's desirable. It's going to come back and bite her in the *** when they break up.


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Jennifer Aniston - Cast in 'It's A Wonderful Life'

Jennifer Aniston and Clooney cast in 'It's A Wonderful Life' - According to the E-Poll Market Research Holiday Survey ...

Possibly a sign of the times, "It's A Wonderful Life" ranked as one of the top holiday films. Ad_lts were asked to update the classic film with contemporary casting. Respondents would like to see:

-- George Clooney as George Bailey
-- Jennifer Aniston as Mary Hatch Bailey
-- Jack Nicholson as the villainous Henry F. Potter
-- Robin Williams as angel Clarence Odbody
-- Dakota Fanning as daughter Zuzu

About E-Poll Market Research
E-Poll Market Research is a leading provider of syndicated and custom consumer research for entertainment and media companies. Subscription services include E-Score(R) Celebrity/Character/Brand evaluations and FastTrack(TM) Television. Custom services include methodology and survey design, data analysis and reporting. E-Poll offers its highly profiled proprietary research panel in addition to tradit…

Jennifer Aniston's backup man plan is John Mayer?

Jennifer Aniston really got back together with John Mayer? According to the NY Post, during their split, her camp was shopping for a potential date because poor Aniston “did not want to be single when her movie opened.” Especially since Aniston' film premiere coincided w/ the PR push & premiere of Brad Pitt’s new movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” at which Brad Pitt had Angelina Jolie by Pitt' side.

"A friend of her agent was calling around asking for young men whom they could set her up with," a source told the New York Post. But the attempt to find a replacement 4 John Mayer failed and -- as if by magic -- Mayer and Jenn got back together.

At the Los Angeles premiere of "Marley & Me" the other night, John Mayer did not pose for photos w/ Aniston.

John Mayer refused to touch the GQ magazine cover for reporters, but he did say that he didn’t have a problem with her nudity.

"I mean, if I have a problem with that cover, I should just …

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Jennifer Aniston: 'Marley & Me' Fresh Start

Jennifer Aniston would love nothing more than to keep the thunder focused on her upcoming Christmas Day release, Marley & Me, a three-hankie (and one pooper-scooper) adaptation of writer John Grogan's best-selling memoir, in which Aniston stars opposite Owen Wilson and an unruly Labrador retriever. It's been two and a half years since her last film, the romantic comedy ] The Break-Up, a period during which — aside from popping up as a psycho sexpot on 30 Rock last month — Jennifer Aniston has been overshadowed by Jennifer, the tabloid icon.

Marley & Me, with its built-in fan base and cute-as-a-puppy holiday appeal, represents Jennifer Aniston' best bet to get her often wobbly movie career back on solid footing. Sometimes you're not always so thrilled about the movie you're pushing, she admits, whistling past a graveyard of clunkers like Rumor Has It and Derailed. But this is a good one.

Jennifer Aniston misses the days when they hid behind bushes. Then, at l…

Beautiful Bob


Jennifer Aniston movie is worth watching?

Jennifer Aniston movie is worth watching?

Rock Star

Along Came Polly

The Break-up


Bruce Almighty

Rumor Has It

these are all good movies RF

But I think... The Breakup with Vince Vaughn is funny if you are looking for a comedy.

If you are looking for a chick flick then The Good Girl is a good one.

Derailed is another good one. More of a drama/suspense.

Jennifer Aniston - Philanthropy

Jennifer Aniston is a supporter of many charity foundations. Aniston is a supporter of Friends of El Faro, a grassroots non-profit that helps raise money for Casa Hogar Sion—an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico and has appeared in a few advertisements on TV for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Jennifer Aniston made a guest appearance on Oprah's Big Give show to support the cause and donated money to help. She hosted September 2008's Stand Up to Cancer show. In the "It Can't Wait" campaign to free Burma, She directed and starred in a video. On April 14, 2007, She received GLAAD's Vanguard Award for her contributions to increased visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bis_xual and transgender.

A Beyonce Style for Long Hair Brides


Jennifer Aniston - A Natural mother

Jennifer Aniston seems to be a natural mother, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fans might not be happy about that.

Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to be trying for her first child and has been filmed making friends with a very special girl. Jolie might have 6 kids of her own, and Aniston none but both women seem to be natural mothers.

Jennifer Aniston' fans are hoping that she becomes a real mother ASAP. She laughed, hugged and kissed little Ellie who lapped up the attention from the famous film star.