Jennifer Aniston - Quantum Leap, "Nowhere to Run".

Jennifer Aniston imageshack usJennifer Aniston appeared in Quantum Leap as Kiki Wilson (Guest appearances) in "Nowhere to Run" (Season 5, Episode 4). Writer:Donald P. Bellisario (creator).

Title Nowhere to Run Original Airdate October 6, 1992 leap dated August 10, 1968 location in San Diego, California... Sam leaps into Ronald Miller, a legless Vietnam vet in a veterans' hospital who must save the life of a quadriplegic soldier while still keeping his wife from leaving him so that his eldest son can save a tank troop in the Gulf War. As a legless Viet Nam veteran Sam must prevent the suicide of a fellow hospital patient. Michael Boatman, Jennifer Aniston and Judith Hoag guest star.


Scott Bakula ... Dr. Sam Beckett
Dean Stockwell ... Admiral Al Calavicci

Michael Boatman ... Sergeant Billy Johnson

Jennifer Aniston ... Kiki Wilson
Norman Snow ... Commander James Hartig
Gene Lythgow ... Holt

Judith Hoag ... Julie Miller
Simone Allen ... Carol
Jordan Jacobson ... Hartig's Aide
Joseph M. Hamilton ... Baxter
David Anthony Marshall ... Hippie (as David A. Marshall)
David McSwain ... Veteran
Michael Carpenter ... Miller / Mirror

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