Monday, November 1, 2010

Bhuvaneswari Unseen Hot Pics


Bhuvaneswari is one of the hot actresses in Tamil and Telugu movies. Bhuvaneswari has also tried negative roles in various soap operas both in Tamil and Telugu. Bhuvaneswari in her mid-twenties has acquired an image as a lady villain in her television shows.

While in movies, hot n sexy Bhuvaneswari has attracted vamp like characters with a hint of malice in his roles. Bhuvaneswari has acted in popular Telugu movies such as "Boys", "Donga Ramudu & Party" and "Konchem Touchlo Vunt Cheputanu" and "Kurkure".

The lascivious movie villain Bhuvaneswari is said to be hot romantic throws her "Kurkure" co-star Duvvasi Mohan. The sexy villainous actress Bhuvaneswari accused, and later was acquitted of prostitution charges say that a scar on her person and the mental torment continues forever

Post Title Bhuvaneswari Unseen Hot Pics

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