Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bruce Willis Plays Lamest Hitman

Bruce Willis plays the “lamest hitman in the world” in Looper.
The Die Hard star plays a contract killer, or Looper, in the new time-travel thriller in which his character executes people before they technically exist but director Rian Johnson warns that doesn’t mean it’s a glamorous role.
“In truth, a Looper is more of a garbage man,” he said. “They have the lamest hitman job in the world. Calling a Looper a hitman makes it romantic.”
Explaining the film’s time-travel theme a little further, the director whose previous credits include Brick and The Brothers Bloom explained the concept will be “very illegal” in the movie, but only in the future.
“In the film time travel won’t have been invented yet, but 30 years down the line from that it definitely will be and when it is it’s going to be very illegal.
“It will also be difficult to dispose of a body, so criminals will have to go back in time and assemble a team of assassins, called Loopers.
“They kidnap the guy, zap him back 30 years and the Looper shoots them dead. Its’ the perfect crime! The Looper kills someone who doesn’t technical exist yet, so that person vanishes from the future.”
The film will also see Bruce and Joseph Gordon Levitt playing the same character in different times. Looper is set for release in 2012.

Post Title Bruce Willis Plays Lamest Hitman

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