Eva Mendes doesn't need movie make-up

Eva Mendes is happy to go make-up free in films.
The 37-year-old actress who is the face of Revlon and is a spokeswoman for Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance was keen to strip down her look in Last Night and let her acting do the talking.
“In the opening scene I might have a little powder on my face and that was it,” Eva said.
“That may not sound like a big deal, but these are things that really help create a sexuality in my characters. My hair, which as you can see today is naturally really big, we straightened it, tucked it behind and took away all the sex.”
Eva starred alongside Sam WorthingtonKeira Knightley and Guillaume Canet in Last Night and was thrilled to be part of such a talented cast, although she did have concerns about the description of her character in the original script.
“My only trepidation with my character was that on paper she read as a seductress,” she added.
“When I got together with the writer-director we spoke about how to approach that character, and that it would be very boring and one note for me to simply play her as the other woman.
“She completely agreed and we stripped this character down and we did some different things, such as I don’t have any make-up on in a couple of scenes in the film.”
The movie tells the story of a happy couple Joanne (Keira) and Michael (Sam), whose lives are interrupted when Michael goes on a business trip with colleague Laura (Eva) and Joanne meets old love Alex (Guillaume).

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