Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ewan McGregor gets a dog

Ewan McGregor has a new best friend and his wife isn’t happy!
The Trainspotting star has finally got his way and added a dog to his happy family, even though his wife is allergic to pooches.
“Eve, and she’s allergic to dogs and cats, and horses so we never had a dog,” says Ewan.
“But when I was doing this film,Beginners, she came to visit me on set and she saw me with Cosmo (the dog featured in the film). I became close to Cosmo, I became really friendly with him. He’s a lovely little dog. I started talking to her, that I’d really like to get one. So we started looking and on the very last day of the shoot, funny enough, I found my dog Sid on a website for a foundation called The Lang Foundation, in LA. His picture was there. We picked him up, and that was it. He’s my little Cosmo replacement!”

Post Title Ewan McGregor gets a dog

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