Hilary Duff not keen on motherhood

Hilary Duff says playing pregnant hasn’t made her broody.
The former Disney idol plays an expectant teen in new movie Raven but the experience has hardly made her hurry along her family planning with her husband, ice hockey star Mike Comrie.
“It was funny,” says Hilary. ” I had this lumpy, old pillow for a belly so I was just squishing it around a lot and trying to get it to look more like a round bump, instead of some lumpy thing. I can’t say it made me long to be pregnant for real.
“We’ve only been married a year. Mike plays hockey, so he’s away from September to April, and we don’t really get that much time together, so we’re looking to wait.”
Duff, 23, was recently asked when she plans to have kids.
“We talk about it. Yes, we’re excited to do that, but I want to work a little bit more,” she replied.
“I’m tossing around the idea of making another record and obviously that wouldn’t be very good timing.
“We want it, we’re excited for it, but I think it can wait just a little while longer.
“Mike’s supportive of me, he knows that I’m still young and if I want to work more, he’s totally supportive of that.”

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