January Jones doesn't get recognized

January Jones has the ability to become invisible to fans.
The Mad Men actress plays telepath Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class but has her own special abilities which come in handy when she’s not on screen.
“I have this knack of being able to go out and not be recognized,” says January.
“I wander around town in jeans and a T-shirt and my hair in a ponytail so no one really spots me. If I do get spotted no one believes it’s me because they think I look far too small. I think the camera must add ten pounds!”
Jones recently revealed she feels “safe” when she is followed by photographers trying to get a shot of her performing daily tasks.
“They’re always taking pictures while I’m walking my dog and shopping, which I can’t imagine is very interesting,” she said.
“The weird thing is, it kind of makes me feel safe. I live alone and I feel like they’re always there, always watching.
“If someone were to come in and rob me, there are photographers. It’s like the best security system ever.”

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