Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lady Gaga feels like a loser

Lady Gaga has revealed that she feels like a "loser" at times because of childhood bullies.
The 'Edge of Glory' singer, who was named the most influential celebrity in the world last month, admitted that being taunted during her childhood still has an effect on her today.
She told Time Out: "Being bullied stays with you your whole life, and no matter how many people are screaming your name or how many number one hits you have, you can still wake up and feel like a loser."
The star also explained that she often explores her pain through her song writing.
She added: "There were a lot of bullies. You have to open the wound and pour salt and arsenic and poison into that wound, and you must get out a needle and poke and prod then sew it back up again.
"And when I'm handed a beat that sounds amazing, that beat is the scissors, and then I cut the wound I've just sewn up, and I go back in. I go back in and ask myself the same questions again and again and again, 'Why am I here?'"

Post Title Lady Gaga feels like a loser

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