Penelope Cruz love seducing people

Penelope Cruz has revealed that she loves to flirt.
The actress, who is married to Javier Bardem and gave birth to her son Leo in January of this year, explained that she still enjoys being seductive.
"I like flirting, as a lot of women do. I enjoy the game of seduction. Let's just say I love people and I love life!" she told Closer.
The 37-year-old also explained that she feels happier having a lighter workload.
She added: "I think we all change every day but after years of being a workaholic and always being tired, I've changed rhythm and found a more happy equilibrium.
"I don't feel guilty when I don't work now. Before, when I went home to Spain from America, I'd forgotten how to holiday properly - how to lie on the beach and relax. I'd go lock myself in the bathroom with my Blackberry and check for work emails."

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