Zoe Saldana was an ugly duckling

Zoe Saldana wasn’t always fit for stardom.
The 32-year-old beauty has revealed how she considered herself ugly back in her school days.
“I went through that Ugly Duckling phase that I think a lot of girls have,” says Zoe. “I didn’t think I was pretty and certainly didn’t feel like I was. There were not guys like falling down at my doorstep. I didn’t manage to always get the guy that I wanted.”
Zoe recently insisted she doesn’t plan to become a “cheap sex symbol”.
“For many people, including a lot of famous actresses, fashion is all about brand names, logos, status symbols,” she said.
“But for me it is an art form.
“Half the job of someone in showbusiness is creating an attractive image.
“And for me, that doesn’t mean becoming a cheap sex symbol.”

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