Amber Heard 'Being a Playboy bunny isn't comfortable'

Amber Heard has first hand experience of what it’s like to be a Playboy Bunny and it wasn’t all good.
The Drive Angry star plays one of Hugh Hefner‘s famous glamor girls in new TV drama The Playboy Club and found wearing bunny ears and tail to be harder work than she imagined.
“The bunny costume is actually very uncomfortable,” says Amber. “I do not recommend it.”
Despite her discomfort, Amber is now hoping her show gets picked up by TV bosses for a longer run although she’s not promising any centerfold spreads.
“I can say that it’s not very racy,” she adds. “I don’t know if they want me to say that, but I don’t feel like it’s that racy. But I’m sure that they’ll go as far as possible.”
Heard recently revealed why she came out as a lesbian.
“I’m not one to talk about my personal life as I prefer to keep that as private as possible,” she said. “Since that event, there has been a lot of media attention surrounding my relationship.
“It’s been frustrating as I don’t label myself one way or another I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love, it’s the person that matters.”

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