Amy Adams wants drama roles

Amy Adams wants to get dramatic!
The actress recently took a turn as opinionated boxer’s wife Charlene inThe Fighter, and she confesses it was great to have a more of an interesting role where she got to be expressive rather than a scared woman.
“Am I looking forward to playing more dramatic characters? Yeah! I’m usually the one in the corner looking scared,” she said.
“In The Fighter it was nice to have that outlet because I normally go home from work and I’m all pent up. Like in Doubt where I play a nun, I would just come home and feel like, ‘Aah’ because my character never really got to have that moment of release.”
“I loved the character, Charlene. She’s the kind of woman who’s tough, you’re going to meet a wall and then have to break it down and she’s not going to give you any clues on how to do it.
“But when you get through she’s actually very loyal.”
Adams recently reminisced on a past Q&A session with a reporter who stunned the actress after seeming to be surprised about the fact that she’s had sex.
“I didn’t know what to say,” she said.
“I was like, ‘Excuse me if it takes a minute to process the fact that you think I’m asexual.’
“Anyway, there’s something great about the world thinking I’m so innocent. Only it’s not true.”

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