Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ashley Greene fancies Jordan Gordon-Levitt

Ashley Greene has a crush on Jordan Gordon-Levitt.
The Twilight star is single since splitting with Joe Jonas earlier this year and while she is enjoying spending time by herself for now, she wouldn’t mind getting closer to the ‘Inception’ star.
“[The best thing about being single is] being able to really, really focus,” she said. “Sitting at my house, just reading and looking at scripts, searching directors and reading different books that are turning into screenplays. And being able to just really focus on me and what I’m going to do next in my career.
“I have so many celebrity crushes. You know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt I’ve always kind of had a crush on. I think he’s extremely talented.”
Ashley has been linked to Captain America star Chris Evans and Kings of Leon star Jared Followill since splitting with Joe.
An eyewitness who saw her canoodling with the actor at Los Angeles nightclub Trousdale claimed they couldn’t keep their hand off each other.
“Ashley was all over Chris, and he certainly didn’t mind,” a source said.
“They were dancing together very closely. It looked like they had a lot of sexual chemistry.”
Meanwhile, Ashley and Jared were reportedly “flirting” at New York nightclub Avenue in March with a witness saying “Ashley was smiling all night. She and Jared were close the whole night. Dancing, talking, flirting. It was pretty clear they were into each other.”

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