Cameron Diaz 'marriage makes you miss out'

Stag party: Cameron Diaz (left) and Jennifer Aniston (right) had fun with the unusual award
Cameron Diaz believes marriage means missing out on “possibilities”.
The 38-year-old actress who is rumored to have split from her boyfriend, baseball star Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez insists the institution has never been important to her because she thinks settling down can lead to too many restrictions in the future.
“Marriage hasn’t been important to me,” she said. “I believe we are with who we’re supposed to be when we’re supposed to be with them. If I try and lock something down, I miss out on all the possibilities of what it could be.”
The blonde beauty also insisted she never plans ahead, except to strive to make progress in her life in some way.
“There’s no destination. All I can say is that I’m in a constant forward motion,” she said.
“You get better as you age. You know what you want, and you become stronger, mentally and physically. Things have happened recently that have pushed me to grow. My father died, and going through that made me think about how I want to live my life.”
One area of her future in which Cameron is uncertain is the prospect of having a family, admitting she is unsure whether having children is the right thing for her.
“You can’t have a child just because you think it’s something you’re supposed to do. It doesn’t make sense for everyone. It’s not an absolute for me,” she admitted.

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