John Carpenter wants to get paid

John Carpenter has told how he’s happy for any of his movies to be remade just so long as he gets paid.
The Escape from New York and Halloween filmmaker is aware that many of his classic films are up for a reworking at the hands of new directors but the only ones he feels strongly against are the one that leaves him unrewarded financially.
“There are two kinds of remakes of my films the good kind, and the bad kind,” explains John, 63. “They just did a prequel to The Thing. That’s the bad kind because I don’t have any rights in it, so they don’t pay me.
“If they do Escape from New York orThey Live, or any of the other movies that I wrote and have a more primal position in, I get a check. Something that I’ve wanted to do all my life is to make money doing nothing.”

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