Justin Timberlake 'I Haven't Spoken to Britney Spears in a Decade'

Justin Timberlake has revealed he not had contact with his former sweetheart Britney Spears in recent years.
The pair split in 2002 after a three-year romance that had fans and tabloids in a frenzy.
While the 30-year-old's career has gone from strength to strength, Britney, 29, suffered a series of personal and professional disasters - including a well-documented mental breakdown. 
Despite various rumours Timberlake had reached out to his ex girlfriend during her times of trouble, he insists otherwise.
'I wish her the best - that goes without saying. We haven’t spoken in 9 or 10 years,' he tells the latest issue of Vanity Fair.
'We were two birds of the same feather - small-town kids, doing the same thing. 
'But then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn’t make any sense. I won’t speak on her, but at least for me, I was a totally different person.'
He continues: 'I just don’t think we were normal; there was nothing normal about our existence. We spent way too much time being the biggest thing for teenyboppers.'
After their split, Timberlake famously made reference to the pop star in the video clip to his hit, Cry Me a River.
The clip featured a Spears look-alike and the storyline fuelled rumours that she had cheated on him. 
But Timberlake seems to recall their time together fondly.
'It was exciting that we were having so much success and we could do whatever we wanted.
'And I mean that about everybody: Backstreet Boys, ’NSync, Britney, Christina. We could literally go, "Oh, man, let’s go to Bali," and we’d be on a plane to Bali. We were little kids with big toys. You do the math - that’s not going to last.'
Timberlake also opened up about his most recent split from Jessica Biel.
The couple parted ways in March after nearly four years of dating.
He said: 'She is the single-handedly most significant person in my life.
'In my 30 years, she is the most special person, OK? I just don't want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me - for instance, her.'

The Friends With Benefits star later hinted at possible reasons behind their break-up.

He added: 'I think the mistake is that people commit to who that person is right then and not the person they are going to become.

'That's the art of staying together, is changing together. When you say it like that, it seems damn near impossible, right?' 
At the time of their split, reports claimed his 'wandering eye' was to blame.
According to US Weekly he had been 'aggressively trying to end things' for a while but failed to acknowledge a prime reason for the separation.
'He didn't admit the cheating to her, even though we all knew it,' a friend told America's Us Weekly.  
Various reports also linked him to Mila Kunis, who stars alongside him the upcoming comedy, Friends With Benefits. 
He was last month spotted cosying up to House star Olivia Wilde at an LA nightclub, however she later denied rumours of a romance.  
Timberlake is also set to star in Bad Teacher with his former girlfriend Cameron Diaz.

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