Monday, June 6, 2011

Kelis 'I know I'm not perfect'

Kelis has said that she has learnt to accept her flaws.
The Grammy Award-winning singer explained that she went through "trial and error" to be successful.
She told Pride: "I've so much life tapped into a short period of time. You go through trial and error and either you figure it out or you fail and I'm not one for failure so I had to work it out! 
"I am very aware of when I am wrong and what I'm not good at. It's like, 'OK, I'm not perfect. I'm not always top of my game, but whatever'. Acknowledge your flaws and move on because there are things you are great at. Focus on those."
Kelis admitted that she is very "frank", which can sometimes irritate those close to her.
She laughed: "I'm incredibly frank to the point where I sometimes annoy my girlfriends but they respect the fact that I'm real!"
Kelis recently revealed that she doesn't regret divorcing her ex-husband Nas.

Post Title Kelis 'I know I'm not perfect'

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