Kelly Osbourne obsessed with the gym

Kelly Osbourne gets a “mood lift” from going to the gym.
The 26-year-old star who last year lost a considerable amount of weight after changing her diet and exercise regime has a new fitness center to go to and she loves being there because she gets a buzz from working out.
“I’ve started hitting the gym over the past few weeks, like never before! It’s because I just love my new gym, and exercising gets my endorphins going and really lifts my mood,” she said.
“I’ve been trying out some new things too. I hate running, but my fitness trainer showed me a different way to do it. You run for a minute on and off and before you know it you’ve done half an hour on the treadmill without even realizing.”
Kelly has become so obsessed with going to the gym she is now using it as a place to meet up with her pals.
“The new gym is actually a great place to hang out it’s close to where I live and I see all my friends there,” she said.
“Funnily enough, it’s kind of the same mentality as going to the pub to hang out it’s just the other end of the spectrum.”

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