Lady Gaga scared of psychics

Lady Gaga has a fear of psychics!
The Born This Way singer says one of the only things that effect her superstar confidence is the thought of someone reading her mind.
“Psychics freak me out. They terrify me,” says Gaga.
“Recently I was doing a show and this woman came over to me and passed me a card saying, ‘I have something to tell you. Come and see me later.’ I was like, ‘No! Get away.’
“I just prefer to do things in my own way rather than think there could be something else taking that power away from me.”
Gaga recently revealed she‘s “obsessed” with cooking shows.
“When I get time off, I like to watch cooking shows, I’m really obsessed with them,” she said. “I’m a really good cook now, just from watching those shows. My speciality is Italian.”

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