Matthew Morrison plays tricks on Glee costar

Matthew Morrison is making good use of the Glee prop department to play tricks on his young costars.
The singer and actor who plays Glee teacher Mr Shuester has recounted one of his many on-set pranks at the expense of stars Cory Monteith and Lea Michelle.
“I am a bit of a joker although I never really take full credit for the jokes,” says Matt. “I remember once Cory got this rental car from Audi, a really nice sports car. I had the props department put this sticker on it that made it look like somebody had jammed against the side of it and made this big black line. It looked so real.
“Lea Michele was parked right next to him so we put a little bit on her bumper so it looked like she was the one that did it and the whole scene played out great. Cory got crazy and scared and then Lea just freaked out. It was so funny. It was a good one.”

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